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New subway lines for Bangkok ?

Getting around the capital, yes, but how? Despite there are many ways, taxis, tuk-tuk, bus or motorbike taxis, the subway is still the fastest and cheapest way. In early January 2017, the city announced the creation of 10 new metro lines by 2023, which will delight city dwellers as tourists.

Although it is easy to travel to Bangkok, it is necessary to admit that the 4 existing subway lines (2 underground and 2 airways) do not allow the access to all places of the city without having to pass by another transport mean.

This “problem” will no longer be one since the announcement of the creation of new lines, many of which will be in service this year ! In total, 10 lines will be created, with the intention of being put into service as and when the project ends in 2023.

For the Transport Minister, it represents an ambitious project and he hopes that this will encourage the inhabitants of Bangkok to leave their cars in the garage to privilege public transports and thus preserve the city as much as possible from pollution.

Enough to make you want to rediscover the best corners of the city!

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