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Having a meal is not only to get full, yet it is essentially about pleasure—of you who eat and the one who makes it. About Thailand Living team got an opportunity to visit one of the most talk-of-the-town bakery/pastry shops in Bangkok; Maison Chatenet.

We are introducing you to the real bakery/pastry lovers settling down in Thailand. How come it happens to be the Maison Chatenet in Thailand? How to integrate to a new culture? Plus, in which way can a French bakery attract Thai people? The dynamism, passion, and excellence are key ingredients found in all of their creations. More importantly, making delicious cakes and pies is another way to share their French culture.

Maison Chatenet is founded by the two French national Laotian brothers who have great passions in French bakery/pastry; Marcel, consultant and information system, and Albert, the chef.

Albert has won numerous awards back in France. It was absolutely a pleasure to be offered to taste all of their goodies, including the famous pain au chocolat (chocolate bread) and the awarded croissant and galette aux amandes.

This is not an ordinary bakery. Most of their master pieces’ ingredients are imported from France. Especially the high-quality butter, flour and chocolate are what need to be original. Plus, only drinking water right from the bottles is used.


The brothers said that it is a difficult decision to leave France and come to Thailand. Nevertheless, they envision more business opportunity in Asia than in Europe. Having a family in Laos, the brothers see that Bangkok is the right location for the necessary ingredients with quality used in their pastries.

The majority of their customers are Thai, but there are also many expats who come and go. Once they get to know Maison Chatenet, they spread the news. Who can resist the delicious chouquette that costs only 10 THB/piece!?

Working with people from different culture can be a challenge. Luckily, they were born and raised with two cultures. Adapting to a Thai, Asian culture can thus go easily for them. When asked about their favourite thing in Thailand, working is their priority. Waking up at 3 am every morning and making the things they love (and others love, too) are their favourites. However, Bangkok is also where everything is possible and Ayutthaya is where they would love to discover even more.

When mention about the feedback, Chef Albert is proud to say that they are on the right track. Helping Thais to discover and love the French pastries is soon becoming a success. They even plan to work with restaurants in the city, around Sukhumvit, Silom, and Sathorn.

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If you ever get a chance to visit Chongnonsee-Yan Nawa, or happen to think of the amazing French bakery/pastry like in France, Maison Chatenet is highly recommended.


Address: Sathupradit 41-557 Condo Le Rich-Sathu Pradit Road Chongnonsee-Yan Nawa, Bangkok, 10120, Thailand

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday (8am-4pm), Sunday (8am-1pm)

Tel: +66 9 2408 0308

Mail: [email protected]

Facebook: Maison Chatenet

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