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How to Learn Thai

You just landed in Thailand but you do not know how to say a single word in Thai? Do not panic, here is the conversation guide that will help you in your daily life…


Yes/No: Chai/Mai chai  Image result for sawasdee
Excuse-me: Khor thot krap (H)/khâ (F)     

Thank you: Khop khun krap (H)/khâ (F)
You’re welcome: Mai pen rai
Please: Phrod
No problem: Mai mee pan haa
Wait: Roh sak khru
I understand: Phom khao jai/Chan mai khao jai
I do not understand: Mai khao jai
I do not know: Phom mai roo (H)/Chan mai roo (F)
What time is it? : ton nee, kimong?



Hello: Sawatdee krap (H)/Sawatdee khâ (F) Image result for house clipart
Nice to meet you: Yin dee tee dai roo jak   

Welcome: Yin dee ton rup krap (H)/kha (F)
How are you?: Khun sabaidee mai?
I am fine: Chan sabaidee
What is your name? : Khun cheu arai?
My name is: Phom cheu… (H)/Chan cheu… (F)
Where do you come from? : Khun mah jak nai?
I am from France: Chan Mah jak Farangsed



Police: Sathani Tamrouat
Bank: Tanakharn/Bank
Post office: Praisanee  Related image
Airport: Sanam bin
Hospital: Rong Phaya ban
Pharmacy: Raan khai ya
Hotel: Rong rèm
Restaurant: Raan ahaan
Toilets: Hong nam



How much? : Thao rai?
Expensive: Phaeng
Cheap: Thûuk / Mai phaengImage result for baht money



• NUMBERS                          

1: Neung          11: Sip ed
2: Song            12: Sip song
3: Sam            13: Sip sam
4: See              14: Sip si
5: Ha               15: Sip ha
6: Hok            16: Sip hok
7: Jhet            17: sip chet
8: Ped             18: Sip ped
9: Kaow        19: Sip kaow
10: Sip          20: Yee sip


• DIRECTIONS  Image result for direction

left/ Right: Sai/Khua
Turn left/Turn right: Lieow sai/Lieow Khua
Straight ahead:: Trong pai
In front: Dan na
Behind: Khang lang
Beside: Klai

City: Muang
Street: Thanon
Secondary street: Soi
Where is it located (place, object …)?: (…) yoo tee nai ?
Where are the toilets?: Hang nam yoo tee nai ?


• TRANSPORTS    Image result for transports

Bus: Rot meh
Train: Rot fai
Boat: Rua
Car: Rot
Motorbike: Motorsai

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