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Chiang Mai, Grand Villa Plaza – A Rental Investment with great guarantees in an Idyllic Setting

Refinement and luxury are at the heart of the Grand Villa Plaza residence, whether it’s inside the buildings or outside. Indeed, a luxuriant town will rise a few minutes away from the magnificent city of Chiang Mai. It offers also a lot of guarantees for investors. It’s a real boone.


Luxe and Harmony: A little Europe in Chiang Mai


Occupying a 3-hectare area (30 000sq.m), sheltering 8 lustful buildings for investment and a shopping district, Grand Villa Plaza is a must for audacious investors. Inspired by European architecture, it is the perfect mix of comfort and harmony.


The center of the project features a large and beautiful garden with pond and water stream passing through the middle. Materials and colour used are natural tones and the front of the project features a plaza as commercial and social space, connecting the community together with the project.

Chiang Mai, the second city of Thailand, is less than 10 min away in a shuttle. The airport 15 minutes.

Numerous guarantees offered to the investors

– Guaranteed return of 8 % a year for a maximum of 20 years
– Immediate monthly returns when all the total amount is paid
– Payment of one year of renting guarantee early in the date of the transfer of the unit
– Secured Buy-Back from the 1st to the 20th year with a profit of 2% by year on the purchase amount
– 10 days of free accommodation a year
– The same price from the 1st to the 3rd floor
– Free maintenance during the period of management

Conveniences in the service of a unique experience

– Completely furnished and equipped

– Shopping mall in front of the zone

– Numerous conveniences: swimming pool, service of a shuttle, car rental, restoring, spa, fitness, service of a limousine, etc.
– Great green space in all the property, little river…



The Apartments



Available : 1-room Apartment of 36 sq.m, 2 190 000 Baths

2 rooms of 78.13 sq.m , 4 290 000 B

3 rooms of 134 or 137 sq.m, 7 550 000 B



Overview – Project’s details

Location: Gongsai Junction, Sarapee District, Chiang Mai

30 388 sq.m

Unit and building: 224 units, 8 buildings.

Unit type: 1 room, Bathroom 36 Sq.m

2 rooms, Bathroom, 78 Sq.m

3 rooms, 134/137 Sq.m

Facilities: Shopping Plaza, Convention Hall, Swimming Pool with a bar, Library, Fitness, Restaurant, Spa & Sauna, European style decoration, limousine service. Full of greenery space all over the property’s area.

– Purchasing for investing or living are supported


Construction start:   July 2018

Construction end:  December 2020


If you’re interested or in need of more information, don’t hesitate! Reach to our Chiang Mai Agency!

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Chiang Mai real estate agency

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