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[Chiang Mai] Chiang Mai… the Little Switzerland

“Rose of the North”, called Chiang Mai, combines multiple strengths. That is one of the reasons why those who have visited this place dream to return one day and spend their retirement…

Chiang Mai (meaning “new city” in Thai) or “Rose of the North” was once a stop on the legendary “Silk Road”. With about 250,000 residents, but also Thais Karen and Hmong hill among other ethnic minorities, Chiang Mai is now the second largest city. Framed by the highest mountains in Thailand, it enjoys a pleasant climate with lush vegetation. Compared to other cities of the Kingdom, Chiang Mai has kept its authenticity while modernizing. The university, medical infrastructure, and other facilities for seniors are as European quality. Furthermore, the northern capital has an international airport. It is very well served in term of transportation, from traditional tuk-tuk to train and bus.

City Entertainment

This cultural city is famous for its wooden handicrafts, ceramics and silver jewelries.

Museums and Buddhist temples – including Wat Phra That Doi Suthep; a sacred temple for Thais and Wat Chiang Man; the oldest of the city – are places that we never get tired of visiting. In another development, Chiang Mai Zoo is also extremely attractive. Who does not dream to linger Huai Kaeo Arboretum, to riding on an elephant, in a jungle safari or a weekend in a traditional village? Or to taste delicious cuisine rich in fruits and vegetables? Chiang Mai is also ideally an excellent choice for touring and exploring the neighboring countries like Burma, Laos, or Vietnam…

  • Undeniable economic benefits

But why consider spending his retirement so far from his homeland, family and friends?

In Chiang Mai, Swiss retirees will have a quality of life that they cannot pay in their country. With a cost of living much lower than that of the country he can relax enjoying the sessions of massage or meditation sessions. Plus, Chiang Mai offers free sun and nature.

According to the Swiss business magazine BALANCE SHEET (30 June 2014), “the AVS pension (about 2400 CH / € 2,400) in principle permits to ensure a better standard of living in Thailand than in Switzerland because life is cheaper “. If a retiree wants to acquire a property, it is not likely it will be necessary to spend his entire second pillar. According BALANCE always, the Thai authorities, however, require a deposit of about 24 000 Fr (€ 2,400) in a bank.

The main real estate agency in Thailand; Company Vauban, opened an office in Chiang Mai recently. Located in the city center and consists of an international team under the responsibility of Switzerland, the agency is to facilitate the installation for retirees, offering advices to real estate for sale and rent. It is mainly dedicated to French pensioners wishing to immigrate to the land of smiles.

Testimony of a retired Switzerland

I came to Chiang Mai for the first time in 2005. Regularly, I was traveling in South East Asia but I decided to settle there in 2012. I like the sweetness of life, offering me regular sessions of massage to prevent “sores”.

I also dreamed to teach me meditation which is said it should be part of our lives to ensure a better balance and lead us on the path to serenity. This is now the case. I also really enjoy mangoes, papayas and other fruits of the region.

I was not sure to successfully take on an elephant and make a trekking, but it is a real delight. I walk in the forest and I inhale the fragrance of trees, flowers and coffee … I leave to the discovery of villages remained authentic and where beings have not been contaminated by the consumer society. I’ve made friends with the children and people my age with whom we sometimes exchange a single glance.

I also travel regularly on my way to Burma and Laos.

French culture is essential for me, I find many small bookstores filled with used books in French. Finally, I love this city that respects elders, always brings them for help when needed and never bothers you.

And why not you?

See you in Chiang Mai.1438184414053grwwe

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