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Sukhumvit Road is one of the oldest and most iconic roads of Thailand. Initially the center of Bangkok, Sukhumvit Road crosses several other cities by the sea, including Pattaya, until you reach Trat on the Cambodian border.

For Bangkok, Sukhumvit Road is one of the most famous avenues, thanks to the dynamism that prevails day and night. This gives vitality of tourist interest in itself. The BTS (Skytrain) is modern and very convenient to get around on the avenue, with 12 stations over a distance of over 10 kilometers.

All areas described below are as the name of a BTS which connects these neighborhoods together.


CapturefererNana, one of the first districts in Bangkok implanted to Westerners. Today, Nana still has that unique international atmosphere being one of the most open of the capital to the world by hosting people from around the world. This fusion allows, for example, this neighborhood to experience Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine. One can also note the presence of a large number of restaurants offering dishes from Europe or America.

This area is also renowned for its vibrant nightlife, including soi 11 (street number 11) with many trendy bars, restaurants, and meeting places for Western expatriates and tourists. In this street, there are also a few nightclubs among the most popular Thai and Western clubbers: Levels, The Bed Supper Club, and Q Bar.

Furthermore, close to the BTS (Skytrain) station is also located Burumgrad the hospital, one of the largest Asian health institutions attending each year thousands of patients from around the world.


In the immediate extension of Nana, Asoke is a major hub of the Thai capital; both for motorists who travel south of the city (Sathorn area, Lumpini Park), north (Ratchadapisek Road, Rama 9 Road, Latprao Road), east (Sukhumvit Road, Pattaya), and also for public transportation users. The BTS (Skytrain) and MRT (subway) cross indeed at this intersection to allow users to switch from one to another easily.

According to its ideal location and facilities (BTS and MRT), Asoke is an ideal area with a high density of residential luxury. In general, Asoke is an amazing mix of the business district, tourist place, and also a shopping paradise with the mall called Terminal 21; one of the most original shopping centers with the major world metropolis theme on each floor (Rome, Paris, Istanbul, etc.).

Phrom Pong

em-quartier-bangkok-thailandApproximately 1 km after the Asoke BTS station is Phrom Pong neighborhood. On the edge of the BTS station, there are the Emporium and the EmQuartier shopping centers (The Em District), offering shopping opportunities, diners and upscale recreation in the same complex.

The streets around the BTS Phrom Pong are primarily residential in character with high holding skyscrapers condominiums. These sois (streets) departing from Sukhumvit Road are used to escape the avenue to end up in a calmer atmosphere where houses and buildings follow one another like in a small town.

Right next to the Emporium shopping center is the Benjasiri Park, one of the few green spaces on Sukhumvit Road. This green park is ideal for relaxing, playing sports or for relaxing with the family.

Thong LorCapture

Thong Lor is a residential area for Thai or Western families. The main road is full of international restaurants, especially the Japanese. Bars and coffee shops are also part of the decor of the street Thong Lor.

The interest of Thong Lor and most neighborhoods bordering Avenue Sukhumvit, is that when plunges further into the sois (streets), we discover charming, quiet, and green streets concealing houses or small condominiums that blend in like a charm of the landscape.


yghughLike Thong Lor, Ekamai is an upscale neighborhood attracting both wealthy Thai and expatriate families. An upscale supermarket as well as cinemas and a variety of stores allow practices to meet the needs of families without having to venture into Bangkok.

Moreover, Ekkamai and Thong Lor to a lesser extent, benefits from the proximity of the great Ekkamai-Ramintra avenue that allows such easy access to the French school in Bangkok.

Moreover, the Ekkamai district gained notoriety for its bars, restaurants and nightclubs that attract Thai youth and fashion artists. Luxury cars, a sign of the economic health of the country, are found everywhere here.

Phra Kanong

Phra Kanong is a quiet part of the city, winning year after year thanks to the importance of residential projects and its proximity to Ekkamai-Capture515115Thong Lor district and Rama 4 road, allowing to quickly access to Sathorn Avenue. This district owes its name to the river Phra Kanong which flows into the Chao Phraya River.

The name of this neighborhood has gained unexpected popularity in early 2013 when a film inspired by a local urban legend about a ghost dominated the box office of Thailand for several weeks. Very original, Wat Mahabut temple has also been built according to this legend and contains the statue of a woman with her baby, covered with gold leaf.

On Nut

Capture444On Nut is a place that attracts more and more Western expatriates through many buildings and condominium projects near the BTS Station.

Modernized, nevertheless traditionally charming, this complementarity demonstrates a traditional market with its small restaurants and bars where concerts are held every evening.

Moreover, the road to On Nut (Sukhumvit soi 77) allows fast and easy access to the gigantic complex Mega Bangna, one of the largest malls in the world.

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