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10 Thai beliefs and superstitions

In Thailand, beliefs play a big role in the society. Even in the highest spheres, you will notice that there are many politicians who make decisions according to astrology, spells, beliefs and superstitions. To give you some examples, here are the beliefs and superstitions that may surprise you when you arrive in Thailand.

  • Some people never get a haircut on Wednesday and even on Thursday! Therefore, some hairdressers are closed both days. Still, you have the rest of the week to enjoy!


  • Remember, if your right eye moves it means that you are unlucky. However, if it’s the left eye, you’re lucky.


  • If you dream of a snake wrapping around your body, do not worry. This means that you will soon meet with your soul mate. If you were afraid of snakes, this is a nice belief allowing you to reconcile with such animal.


  • The number 13 is missing in Thailand, it is bad luck! In elevators, this number is usually replaced by “12A”.


  • Avoid saying that a baby is cute because we believe that a ghost will haunt his family. However, you can use other adjectives, Thais appreciate all those more!


  • The number 9 is a good number. 9 in Thai is “Kao,” meaning stepping forwards. “9999…” is, then, a good sign for your success in the future.


  • You will see a ghost if you look between your legs, so enjoy the different landscapes of Thailand, keeping their eyes on the horizon!


  • Do not point the finger at the rainbow. Look only with your eyes, you will avoid many troubles!


  • For Thai drivers, it is important to honk when passing in dangerous corners where many accidents have occurred. This allows to greet the spirits living on the site.


  • For single women, it is important not to sing while you cook because you might end up getting married with an elderly man. This belief comes from the fact that rice may be burned!….


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