A tram network for Pattaya?

Although no official date has yet been disclosed, many sources seem to converge in the same direction: it seems very likely that Pattaya, one of the main tourist destinations and future major industrial hub of the Kingdom, seeks to have a tram network in order to facilitate the movement of residents and tourists.


After studying the idea of a skytrain like Bangkok, the city of Pattaya would finally go for the solution of the Tram to transport its inhabitants. The first line (in red on the map above), would loop about 8 kilometres long, connecting the north of the city to the south, along the Pattaya Beach Road and Pattaya Second Road. The second line (in blue on the map), will come later and will form a loop taking the Pattaya Third Road and the Sukhumvit Road on a part of the route. Finally, a station located in the north of the city will connect the two tram lines to allow users to change quickly and simply between the two. Although they seem relatively coherent in terms of the geography and urban planning of the city of Pattaya, these routes are subject to change.

The cost of the construction of these two tram lines would amount to 8 billion THB for the red line and 12 billion THB for the blue line, for a total of 20 billion THB, which represents about 620 million USD.

Despite the limited information available, it is likely that this tram network project will happen within the few months or years to come and it is great news for residents and tourists, as well as for apartment owners near one of these two lines, which will certainly increase the value of their properties!

Source: Thaivisa

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