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The importance of regular checkups

Regular checkups are important, not only to detect current health problems but also to discuss with your doctor any problems that may arise in the future.

As time goes by, all the tests that you will pass as part of your health monitoring will adapt according to your needs. Sometimes some tests are added and others are no longer needed. All annual health checkups usually include a clinical examination as well as blood, stool and urine tests. It is important to discuss with your doctor the various controls you must perform.

What to expect from health checkups?

At a certain age, choosing your lifestyle such as eating, exercising or other habits (smoking for example) has an impact on your health. To this may be added health problems that should be monitored.

For women who arrive at the dawn of their 40s, it is important to perform regular chest exams to detect any changes. One examination per year will detect any masses, redness, rashes, or fine lines on the skin or nipples that are signs that may indicate breast cancer. In addition to a clinical examination, health professionals recommend that women have a mammogram for a full examination at least every two years.

As far as men are concerned about prostate cancer to come at the same time as midlife. Men often neglect prostate examinations until symptoms such as urinary problems occur. These can be a sign of enlargement of the prostate or even cancer.

With ageing, vision problems also begin to appear, eye fatigue may require correction by wearing glasses. Another serious threat that can weigh on your vision is glaucoma, which is one of the leading cause of blindness in the world, fortunately, this can be treated if it is detected early enough. From the age of 40, it is recommended to have a visual examination every two years to look for possible eye diseases such as diabetes, or macular degeneration. For people with a family history of glaucoma, age may be up to 35 years old. The decreasing your sight can affect your daily life whether driving or working. You can take your first eye exam at Bumrungrad Hospital.

From the age of 55, osteoporosis becomes a serious concern for women and its evolution must be monitored every year. Osteoporosis can lead to a variety of problems that affect bones such as joint pain or fractures. Bone density tests are usually at the discretion of the doctor. For patients with low bone density, diet changes and weight-bearing exercises can help slow down the weakening of bones, medical treatments may also be in place.


Hearing problems are also becoming a concern as we age. During your visit to the ENT centre at Bumrungrad Hospital, a health professional will take care of a multitude of hearing tests to determine if you suffer from any loss of hearing. It is advisable to carry out a review of your hearing every two years.

Another concern that arises in people over 50, and that must be checked annually: a faecal blood test (FOBT). Its presence in stool can be a sign of bowel cancer.

Equally important, a colonoscopy every 5 years, can prevent the development of colorectal cancer.

The Bumrungrad Hospital offers in its screening annual health check-ups adapted to your needs and your age. You will have the choice between a single health check or a package of personalized health checks, all accessible in a few clicks.

Do not neglect your checkups!

Remember that it is important to visit your doctor for an annual checkup, regardless of your age. You never know what health problems can hide, as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure!

The screening centre of Bumrungrad Hospital:

The Bumrungrad Hospital offers its patients different packs to perform tailored health checks.

The holistic said control packs are recommended for people over 55 years. In addition to the tests in the complete packs, the holistic pack includes the following controls; Vitamin B12, electrolytes, calcium, bone density, microalbuminuria and visual examination.

The Health Screening Center at Bumrungrad Hospital is open daily from 06:30 to 15:00. For more information or make an appointment, you can contact +66 2011 2222

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