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Ban On E-Cigarettes in Thailand!

Thailand now prohibits the electronic cigarettes and its use. This law concerns Thai as much as foreigners, and this law holds since 2014.

An existing legislative decision since 2014

The decision was originally taken in 2014 by the Thai government. Faced with a lack of respect for this law, it was last September that the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), recalled this rule and put words on the penalties incurred in case of non-respect of the latter.

Penalty or prison sentences incurred

whether on beaches, in big cities or in the countryside, the ban on vaping and smoking electronic cigarettes is the same. Sanctions can be very heavy: those who violate the law incur prison sentences and heavy fines.

Is it possible to still bring the electronic cigarette with you on the go?

It is strongly discouraged to bring electronic cigarettes or any other material attached to this practice as the liquid component. This is the recommendation from the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

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