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Why invest in Pattaya?


Formerly a quiet and peaceful fishing village, Pattaya began to grow when the American GIs stationed in Vietnam chose it as one of their privileged places to enjoy their permissions. To cope with the growing amount of visitors, restaurants, bungalows and hotels gradually started to emerge and progressively made of...

D-Eco 2 and 3: the wellness investment is back to Pattaya with two new residences!


After the colossal success of the first D-ECO program that sold out in just a few weeks, the promoter is back with two new programs: D-ECO 2 and 3, using the same arguments that attracted investors a few months ago. The same concept of residence based on the "well-being" of...

Mira, the new turnkey investment program in Pattaya


Discover Mira, the newest rental investment program in Pattaya. With a carefully designed architecture, a high quality of construction, high quality services, a rental guarantee, an integrated management and many other assets in hand, Mira is THE turnkey rental investment program not to be missed for your investment projects in...

Na Jomtien, a great place to live


Na Jomtien is located a few miles south of Pattaya in a beautiful setting bordered by beaches where you will find some of the best restaurants in Pattaya, beautiful beachfront apartments and numerous activities to discover. Over the years, Na Jomtien has been able to extend its development to offer...

Panora, the investment opportunity not to be missed in Pattaya in 2019!


Panora is the latest high-end residential project in Pattaya. This beautiful residence represents THE opportunity not to be missed for the coming year! Prime location just 200 m from the sea, high quality construction, innovative architecture and smartly designed apartments with meticulous finishes, discover all you need to know about...

Terminal 21: The new shopping temple in Pattaya


Terminal 21, the well-known and appreciated by all shopping center, will soon open its doors in Pattaya! Find out all you need to know about the future temple of shopping in the most dynamic seaside resort in South East Asia! Here we go (again). With an appreciated by all and...

What if now is the right time to invest in Pattaya real estate market?


Often criticized by a lot of people, Pattaya is a seaside resort located just 1.5 hours south of Bangkok on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand. Pattaya is a very cosmopolitan city: foreigners are numerous and come from all over the world. Active expats, or retirees who have...

Dusit Grand Park 2 the perfect mix between second home and rental investment for less than 50 000 euros.


After the dazzling success of its latest project, the Dusit Group is back with a new residential project. With a prime location, a multitude of services worthy of a five-star hotel and as usual, very attractive prices, Dusit Grand Park 2 will is the perfect match for people looking for...

To go through a real estate agency in Thailand: Benefits?


While the internet allows everyone to communicate, and the number of real estate investors gained, it is sometimes difficult to navigate and make the difference between knowledgeable companies, well established and whose advice is the business, individuals and other intermediaries... Real estate consultancy is usually provided by a real estate...

España, your second home by the beach from 65 000 USD


  Spanish charm at its best, a unique concept in Pattaya.   Proudly sporting an unparalleled Spanish-style architecture in Pattaya and cleverly combining comfort and elegance, you will find in España an idyllic setting straight out of Madrid at the time of the Renaissance with its clean lines, its many...