The Raweekanlaya Bangkok

I have to admit it is difficult to enjoy the nature in the middle of Bangkok city nowadays.  The modern city with the surroundings of buildings, barely growing nature to catch the greeny eyes. The Raweekanlaya is different from many hotels and resorts around Bangkok because of their concept to keep nature close.


“An extraordinary wellness cuisine resort in the center of the old city”

A hidden treasure in Bangkok’s old city (Rattanakosin) is the Raweekanlaya Boutique Wellness Resort.
Originally built as the residence of the royal governess, Tat Pheungboon Na Ayutthaya, of King Rama VI.This extraordinary wellness cuisine resort has been restored to replicate its 19th-century origin.

38 Guest Rooms

Raweekanlaya holds over 900 sqm with lavish garden, with the enormous 120 years old Banyan tree. And is featured with 38 guest rooms that reflect Old-Siam with a little touch of mod. Each room is designed with a mix of modern and traditional Thai décor of the Rama VI era with added artistic elements. On the wall of each room carry drawing inspiration from His Majesty’s work. As poems from Thai literature, expose the Thai culture, and society at the time.

The Raweekanlaya Dining Room

The Raweekanlaya dining room is a wellness cuisine restaurant that got unique dishes. This kind of food is rare to find in common Thai restaurants. Their meals are arranged to enhance health with only organic ingredients. Several organic fruits and herb garden are located in the area where the guests can pick the herbs on their own Under the slogan “You pick, We cook”, however.

Other facilities include an outdoor pool, the Imperial Spa, a fitness center, and a pool bar where healthy fruit juices are made and served fresh for guests.

Raweekanlaya Bangkok. 164-172 Krung Kasem Road, Bangkok. 02 628 5999.


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