Thailand Live Gastronomy festival to boost culinary tourism in the Kingdom

“Flavours To The World”
The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)has organized a tourist food festival under the theme ” THAILAND LIVE GASTRONOMY”, which will advertise the world-famous Thai cuisines from all five regions, building on a creative culture of local food which will help open the door to exciting tourist destinations across the Kingdom. The event is scheduled to take place from 25 – 27 August, at one of Bangkok’s famous shopping and dining venues, Siam Square 7, is being held in collaboration with the Property Management Office of Chulalongkorn University. 

One of the government’s policies is to boost Thailand’s economy through the tourism industry to enhance the country’s ability to compete in trade and commerce. TAT has realized the importance of upgrading its tourism services by capitalizing on Thai cuisine that is very much a part of our national culture. This entails local community history and art and culture that can be adapted so it is relevant to today’s age, as well as development of new tourist destinations to attract Thai and foreign visitors to the source, where they can taste authentic local food and learn about culture and the Thai way of life in different regions of the country.” – The Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn.

Thailand Live Gastronomy will take you to the root of famous cuisine, presents a diverse food culture which maintains the authenticity of Thai cuisine using raw material exclusive to each of the country’s five regions.


     Highlights Of The Event

  • Fishermen “Villages” from Southern Thailand: Acquire fresh seafood caught from the sea.
  • The Original: Here delicious routes are traced to the top restaurants in the country’s five regions.
  • Bangkok renowned street food: Sample specially selected scrumptious street food at Bangkok’s seven areas famous for their exclusive dishes.
  • Thailand signature: Taste six Thai signature dishes that bring pride and fame to the country. – Tom Yum Kung, Pad Thai, Som Tam, Green Curry, Massaman Curry and Tom Kha Gai. (Tuk-Tuks are modified into food trucks)
  • Gastronomy Innovation: Catch interesting Thai cooking demonstrations using modern technology and innovation to create savory food with the help of both science and art by top chefs specialized in molecular gastronomy.
  • Fruit Shops: Taste and buy a diverse range of Thai fruits, either fresh from orchards or processed.
  • Organic Food: Here quality goes hand-in-hand health as agricultural goods from a new generation of Thai farmer networks are presented.
  • All About Rice: Experience a wide array of flavorsome rice dishes, with both rice and rice fare on sale.

After satisfying your taste buds (and of course your belly) at this event, you can enjoy Thai material art and performances by leading artists plus many more interesting activities.

For further information call: 1672 or visit the website 

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