Scorpions: a snack or a pet?

scorpionsEver get that feeling you couldn’t eat another scorpion? Unusually for a native of the insect-chomping northern province of Uttaradit, this is exactly how Suang Puangsri felt one day.

Only, rather than get scorpions out of his life entirely, he decided to give over half his house to them.

The 38-year-old from the village of Fark Ta has turned his ground floor into a living space for 4,600 scorpions after feeling remorse for breeding them to be served in local restaurants.

‘Although I was happy to have money, I felt suffering deep inside as they were being harmed by me,’ he told Reuters.

Impelled by his Buddhist beliefs, he now tends his pets in a shady 6×5-metre enclosure where he spends an hour each day meditating.

Suang also feeds his charges 1kg of live grasshoppers and other insects every day, but he didn’t explain to the Reuters correspondent why this is not also a sin.

Read Reuters story here.

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