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How to take the taxi in Bangkok?


<div align="justify">Accross Thailand and particularly in the city of Bangkok, the means of travel are cheap and endless. From scooters to skytrain, it won't be hard for you to move through the capital. The team of About Thailand Living gives you 5 advices to grab a cab in Bangkok. ....

New subway lines for Bangkok ?


Getting around the capital, yes, but how? Despite there are many ways, taxis, tuk-tuk, bus or motorbike taxis, the subway is still the fastest and cheapest way. In early January 2017, the city announced the creation of 10 new metro lines by 2023, which will delight city dwellers as tourists....

Hua Hin, always more accessible


Hua Hin sees its infrastructures and its access always pushed further which makes it a choice destination for holiday time as well as for investment. A new train line  2017 will be the Year of Speed for the Siam Kingdom who will soon have high-speed trains on its railways. The construction...