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Night Markets You Can’t Miss In Bangkok


Trips to Bangkok can never be complete without walking along street markets. Fresh produce, food, trinkets, souvenirs and even fun games are on offer! Coming to Thailand without visiting any night markets will at least give you some regrets one day. Because these markets actually allow visitors to enjoy the...

The Raweekanlaya Bangkok


I have to admit it is difficult to enjoy the nature in the middle of Bangkok city nowadays.  The modern city with the surroundings of buildings, barely growing nature to catch the greeny eyes. The Raweekanlaya is different from many hotels and resorts around Bangkok because of their concept to...

Thai Mysterious Behaviours


It is normal to find many new cultures or behaviours a little too exotic or…even too strange, especially when you move to a foreign country. Certainly, this happens to many of those Thailand lovers, too. Found a number of strange habits in Thailand, these beauties make what Thailand very unique,...