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Taste It All 2017 – Pheasant Festival


"RSTA collaborate with TAT to boost Thai and international gastronomic tourism with the taste of celebrity chefs from eight luxury five-star restaurant dishes in a food festival"

The Authentic Thai Food


Thai Food "Spicy" comes up to mind when we think about Thai food right? but Thai food is actually based on a balance between five different flavours that include sweet, sour, spicy, salty and bitter. they combine these flavours into individual dishes which is one of the reasons Thai's share meals....

Remember Your Loved Ones – A Guide To Alzheimer’s Disease


Bumrungrad International Hospital would like to shed some light on a widely misunderstood condition. From its symptoms and medical diagnosis to how to take care of a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, here’s our advice to you. Alzheimer’s disease is the most commonly occurring and most well-known form of...

Probiotics and Digestive Disease


  Whether it is miso, kimchi, yoghurt, kefir, or even some fermented teas such as kombucha, almost every culture around the world has at least one fermented food that’s touted to bestow health benefits. But what’s in these fermented foods that are somehow able to hold medicinal properties that aren’t...

Where are the Best Thai Massages and Spas in Bangkok ?


A little bit tired or stressed ? Need to relax ? Do not panic, we found for you the best places for good massages & Thai spa of the capital !   • Asia Herb Association Asia Herb Association is an ideal choice for both tourists and locals. The center offers several possibilities:...

The Artist’s House

The City of Angels is full of unusual and amazing places. Today, we are talking about Bâan Silapin, the House of Artists. Located on the corner of Khlong Bang Luang, this 200-years old family home was bought and restored by a group of artists. It makes it an atypical place full of...

The Colour Run in Bangkok


For the past few years, the Color Run has been settling in Bangkok for two days, in order to benefit the Thai, but also tourists and expatriates for 5 kilometres of pure happiness (and perhaps a few future aches) and colours. The Color Run is an international event, present in...

Ageing Well: A Holistic Approach to Fighting Against Illness


The retirement years don’t have to spell excessive visits to the hospital, even if there are some expected health issues that are bound to come with aging. As our bodies go through the aging process, our abilities to fight off illnesses may become weakened, so it’s even more crucial to...

What you should not miss this year!


If you live in Thailand or you are planning to spend your holidays here, here is a small recap of what awaits you for 2017!   FEBRUARY Flower Festival Standing on 3 days, this festival will fill your eyes with its splendid parades of flowery tanks. You will also see dances, markets, fairs...

New subway lines for Bangkok ?


Getting around the capital, yes, but how? Despite there are many ways, taxis, tuk-tuk, bus or motorbike taxis, the subway is still the fastest and cheapest way. In early January 2017, the city announced the creation of 10 new metro lines by 2023, which will delight city dwellers as tourists....