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The best beaches around Pattaya


Within a short drive from Bangkok, Pattaya is one of the most popular destinations in the world and one of the most visited seaside resorts on the planet with more than 10 millions people. And what do you expect to find in a seaside resort? BEACHES of course! Good news,...

Knightsbridge Central, the smart residence in central Pattaya


On a market where new residences are always bigger with sometimes more than 2,000 apartments, Knightsbridge Central took the bet to go against the trend and offers you an intimate residence with a concept still unseen in Pattaya. Combining new technologies and eco-friendly features, all in a golden location, making...

The Ivy in Pattaya: duplex only 5 min from the beach from less than 2 million Baht


Discover The Ivy, a new residence in Pattaya, offering a unique concept with duplexes from less than 2 million THB, all in the heart of Jomtien residential area, just 5 minutes from the beach! The Ivy: a prime location The Ivy is a new residential project located in the heart...



Khao Kho is a breath of fresh air that is less than 400 km from Bangkok and will refresh you for a long weekend away from the perpetual movement of the boiling capital. 😍     KHAO KHO   Just north of bustling Bangkok, about a 5-hour drive away, is...

ACHARA VILLAS : The perfect investment in the heart of Lamai district


In a well-preserved environment and close one of the most beautiful beaches of Koh Samui, « Achara Villas » surprise and inspire. Consisting of 3 to 5 bedrooms, these villas offer exceptional high-end services. « Achara Villas » are beautifully composed with interior decor inspired by Thai style and finished to the highest international standard....

How to get the thai driving license?


Getting the Thai driving license is not an insurmountable task. Moreover, between us, when we see how some locals drive, we would like it to be more complicated, right? ... 😉 Be whatever, once you moved to the Kingdom of Siam and your new nest is unearthed, the driving license...

Why is it time now to invest in Koh Samui Island?


In order to find out the reasons to invest in Koh Samui Island, let’s first start answering the question: why investing in Thailand? Nestled in the heart of Asia, Thailand enjoys beneficial trading opportunities with the countries members of the ASEAN. Its strategic location serves as a gateway to Southeast...

10 Scams to Avoid in Thailand


If expatriates are accustomed to living in Thailand and know all the existing schemes, this may not be the case for the thousands of tourists each year. Some will remind you of memories and you will laugh, others will annoy you even with the distance ... here are the 10...

[PHUKET] TOP 5 of Shopping Centers


Phuket, THE dream destination for international tourists, is not just about sandy beaches. Beyond just swimming in the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea, why not do some shopping in one of the island's shopping centers? You do not know where to go? Do not panic, we have prepared our...

The 10 Difficulties Thailand’s Expats are Facing


Thailand has no secrets for you, and officially became your 2nd home? Yeah. Life under the coconut trees seems heavenly, but you will not be able to trick the About Thailand Living team. We, too, know them, these little worries that we meet when we are expatriates in Thailand ......