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Jasmine Hills Townhouse – The rental investment you shouldn’t miss


About the company Jasmine Hills Suites Co. Ltd., a company approved by Thailand's Board Of Investment belongs entirely to a group of foreigners, who are the only owners of both the resort and Jasmine Hills Serviced Townhouse. The townhouse project (built entirely in December 2019) is located on the same...

Holiday rental in Pattaya: how to invest?

holiday rental pattaya

Holiday rental in Pattaya is a great way to generate additional incomes ! Indeed, with more than 16 million visitors in 2017 and the wish to exceed 19 million visitors by the end of this year, Pattaya is one of the most visited destinations in the world, ahead of several...

Siamese Exclusive Ratchada, Urban life at the prime location


Siamese Exclusive Ratchada Siamese Exclusive Ratchada is the latest project from Siamese development. This residence is focusing on all fresh investors. For the location, this area is definitely considered as the new growth of tourist spot. The building will comprise floor and units. So, this project offers both a prime...

The Address Siam – Ratchathewi, the new elite lifestyle at the immerse area


  The Address Siam Ratchathewi is the latest project of AP.  For its own unique design, this residence is well suitable to all people. In terms of location and unique design, the building will become the new landmark on the Petchaburi – Phayathai Road, Bangkok.   For this project,  AP...

Our favorite “low-rise” residences in Pattaya!


You want to invest in Pattaya and have started searching the internet but there are just too much information? Indeed Pattaya is full of numerous condominium residences and it can sometimes be difficult to chose! This is why today we invite you to discover our favorite "low-rise" residences (less than...

How to get a Hotel License in Thailand?


Investors planning to run a building or a property as a business providing paid short term accommodation are required to get a Hotel License in order to operate a hotel legally. It is indeed a time consuming process going through many legal and administrative steps, queues, stamps, fees, documents and...

Pattaya: The River, 8% guaranteed per year and buyback guarantee


Discover The River, a new investment opportunity in Pattaya offering a rental guarantee of 8% per annum during 5 years and a buyback guarantee up to 110% of the original purchasing price! Exceptional investment conditions Rental guarantee of 8% per year for 5 years. Payments start after the full payment...

Why invest in Pattaya?


Formerly a quiet and peaceful fishing village, Pattaya began to grow when the American GIs stationed in Vietnam chose it as one of their privileged places to enjoy their permissions. To cope with the growing amount of visitors, restaurants, bungalows and hotels gradually started to emerge and progressively made of...

Why is it time now to invest in Koh Samui Island?


In order to find out the reasons to invest in Koh Samui Island, let’s first start answering the question: why investing in Thailand? Nestled in the heart of Asia, Thailand enjoys beneficial trading opportunities with the countries members of the ASEAN. Its strategic location serves as a gateway to Southeast...

D-Eco 2 and 3: the wellness investment is back to Pattaya with two new residences!


After the colossal success of the first D-ECO program that sold out in just a few weeks, the promoter is back with two new programs: D-ECO 2 and 3, using the same arguments that attracted investors a few months ago. The same concept of residence based on the "well-being" of...