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How International School System works in Thailand ?


Thailand has constantly become the paradisiac destination for many expats. What is more important is the education of a child, expat parents tend to choose the right education system for their kids so that when they grow up or get to go back to their home countries, things that they...

Bangkok’s Top International Schools  


The right place for education, Bangkok serves many international schools and programs for all nationalities; taught in languages such as English, French, German, and Chinese. According to a big number of expatriates relocating to Thailand, the phenomenal of international community has been constantly increasing. Furthermore, ASEAN has become a great...

Thailand’s British expats face tax threat


A landmark British tax ruling could signal a big change for all Western expats in Thailand and around the world.

One in twenty Brits plans Thai retirement


A big slice of the 87% of Brits who plan to retire abroad have their eye on Thailand