La Redaction

La Redaction

La rédaction de Vivre en Thaïlande, vous propose un contenu varié sur les principales destinations de Thaïlande.

Thailand lands on your coffee table

The six highly eventful decades of the reign of Thailand's revered King Bhumibol Adulyadej have been condensed into a portable form by the Bangkok Post and Editions Didier. As well as the headline issues, the compilation of news stories finds space for quirky aspects of the country's development - such...

US vet plans fresh invasion

Having pioneered Thailand's wilder forms of fun, the US military are back - but this time it's for the golf. The Vietnam War era saw red-blooded US ratings turn Pattaya from a sleepy fishing village into a perpetual frat party, while stetson-toting Texan airman T. G. 'Cowboy' Edwards established Bangkok's...

Investor’s visa revived


Expats who retire before 50 now have another reason to feel smug - the Thai government has re-introduced a special visa to welcome them. Spending at least 10 million baht (about $295,000) in Thailand now earns an investor's visa - designed for those who do not intend to work in...

Airport revamp takes off


Global recession has sent tourism into a tailspin but it also launched a clean-up to get Bangkok's terminal flying higher in the global airport ranking. The first place you will feel the new mood is in the seat of your trousers. Suvarnabhumi Airport is unholstering 19,000 seats so passengers wait...

Bangkok stays the top posting


After exotic work postings in places such as Morocco, Ukraine and Tunisia, a French-Spanish couple have picked Bangkok for its quality of life.

Will Thai owners still bat away your lowball?


The downturn has opened a window for negotiation in Thailand's property market - but haggling is often best left to the experts.

Welcome begins with a wai


Envious of Thailand's unique reputation for hospitality, a flock of Indonesian and Malaysian airlines are also now trying to steal the 'wai', the traditional Thai greeting. The gesture, a slight bow with the hands clasped as if in prayer, is believed to have originated to show that no weapons are...

Bangkok’s gastro king is hungry for more


His Food by Phone service is already on every Bangkok gastronaut's speed dial, but that is just the starter for Anglo-French expat Marc Hagelauer

Sukhumvit stays king of the roads


Bangkok's vibrant multicultural highway has kept its fascination, according to recent surveys of the property market

Hua Hin gets a new ‘village’


Dutch developer Peter Ton has picked the hills outside Hua Hin for a community with an unusually personal imprint