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Bangkok beats off Asian rivals in top-city survey


Thailand’s capital still reigns as the No.1 destination for foreigners in Thailand, according to survey by Bangkok University. The source of this finding might not sound impartial, but its sampling of tourists’ opinions fits with other recent studies – despite a sometimes lurid reputation, Bangkok really is one of the best places in...

Demons get new home in Bangkok airport


A group of 'high-ranking' demons, accused of disrupting duty-free shopping, are to be moved on at Suvarnabhumi Aiport at a cost of 1 million baht (about $30,000). The 12 six-metre-tall demons are now being shifted at dead of night from the inner zone of the airport to the check-in counter....

Moon festival wish comes true


Thailand's enchanting Loi Krathong moon festival had special meaning for Thais this week as their much-loved King reappeared in public after treatment for a lung inflammation. For centuries crowds have gathered on Thailand's river banks under the full moon of the twelfth lunar month to launch an eerie flotilla of...

Sea monster uncovered in Thai bar


An iconic Thai image of the mythical Naga is not quite what it seems...

Phuket vegetarians thirst for blood


The upcoming vegetarian festival will bring some spectacular scenes to the idyllic resort island of Phuket

Pattaya gets hit by brain gain


Thailand’s party town is now home for one of America’s brainiest men – Professor Steve Crow, inventor of flying cars and computerised diving machines

Magic tree stumps the bookies


A tree stump in Chonburi in eastern Thailand is upsetting bookies by giving away the numbers that will win the state lottery. Visitors to the tree in the Chaophor Khao Chang shrine in Chonburi's Sattahip district have been winning so often that bookies are refusing their bets, according to The...

Trumping the oriental flush


Not all nationalities are equally designed for drinking and some Thais can blame China's ancient Pai-Yuai tribe for curbing their alcohol tolerance

Bangkok stays the top posting


After exotic work postings in places such as Morocco, Ukraine and Tunisia, a French-Spanish couple have picked Bangkok for its quality of life.

Welcome begins with a wai


Envious of Thailand's unique reputation for hospitality, a flock of Indonesian and Malaysian airlines are also now trying to steal the 'wai', the traditional Thai greeting. The gesture, a slight bow with the hands clasped as if in prayer, is believed to have originated to show that no weapons are...