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Ageing Well: A Holistic Approach to Fighting Against Illness


The retirement years don’t have to spell excessive visits to the hospital, even if there are some expected health issues that are bound to come with aging. As our bodies go through the aging process, our abilities to fight off illnesses may become weakened, so it’s even more crucial to...

5 Easy Ways to Stick to Your Health Resolution


January is usually a popular time for people to set new goals for themselves, often concerning their health or lifestyle. New Year’s resolutions can range from plans to denounce bad habits to achieving new physical health and fitness goals, and even improving the way to work or interact with others...

Hua Hin, always more accessible


Hua Hin sees its infrastructures and its access always pushed further which makes it a choice destination for holiday time as well as for investment. A new train line  2017 will be the Year of Speed for the Siam Kingdom who will soon have high-speed trains on its railways. The construction...

What is the signification and history of the Thai flag ?


The Thai flag is made of 5 horizontal strips of 3 different colours : red, white and blue. This gave birth to its name, "Thong Trairong", which means tricolor in Thai. The red colour represents the blood that has been shed to maintain the country's independence. The white is symbol of...

5 tips about opening a bank account in Thailand


Thai banks all have different requirements concerning the documents so as a stranger, you might have a tough time trying to open a bank account. To ease the procedure, here are a few tips : 1. Passeport and working licence All banks accept the opening of an account under presentation...