Ageing Well: A Holistic Approach to Fighting Against Illness

The retirement years don’t have to spell excessive visits to the hospital, even if there are some expected health issues that are bound to come with aging. As our bodies go through the aging process, our abilities to fight off illnesses may become weakened, so it’s even more crucial to focus on prevention and a holistic approach to treating illness. From our vision to hearing, muscular and bone deterioration, or chronic illnesses, there can be many aspects of aging that could present health problems. However, aging well is very much an easy possibility through holistic healthcare that focuses on prevention, treatment, and effective management through medication and follow-up care.




Healthy aging begins with a healthy lifestyle, and gets even better with the right medical team. Bumrungrad’s New Life Healthy Aging Clinic offers each patient the right mix of primary and preventative healthcare to target the specific medical issues that commonly affect older adults. Services such as special screenings for concerns such as early signs of memory loss or osteoporosis, as well as all necessary vaccinations and mental health care.

The highly specialized medical team works together to provide the best care and management for all complex health issues that become more common as we age. For example, patients diagnosed with osteoporosis can reduce the chances of bone fractures or breaks through a holistic care plan that includes nutrition, exercise, and all necessary medication to help increase bone density. This approach has better chances of helping the patient achieve a stronger quality of life than just taking medication.



Drug interactions can be a concern for all patients, but even more prominent in older patients because of the high likelihood of being prescribed multiple medications at the same time. This is why a careful evaluation of your current medications and dosages is a very important part of holistic care. This evaluation will help to maximize the benefits of the prescriptions and could even eliminate, reduce, or change certain medications as new advancements become available.



Other counseling includes making sure that the home environment will accommodate any mobility issues that may become present down the road. The team at the clinic can assist patients with advice on replacing stairs with ramps, adding railing where necessary, and installing any other upgrades or changes that will make the home a more comfortable place.


Aging is a necessary part of life, and aging well is definitely possible with the right care. Reclaim your golden years, and enjoy a healthy retirement by working with the help of comprehensive care at Bumrungrad’s New Life Healthy Aging Clinic. Set your appointment today and get on the road to a healthy, happy retirement.


This article was written by the Bumrungrad Hospital.

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