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Hua Hin, always more accessible

Hua Hin sees its infrastructures and its access always pushed further which makes it a choice destination for holiday time as well as for investment.

A new train line 

2017 will be the Year of Speed for the Siam Kingdom who will soon have high-speed trains on its railways.

The construction of a 210 km Bangkok-Hua Hin train line will begin in a few weeks according to the State Railway of Thailande (SRT). Worth 94.6 billion bahts, it will allow passengers to reach the seaside resort in less than 2h at great speed (250km/h).
Indeed, the actual journey time for Bangkok-Hua Hin is currently between 4h30 and 2h00 and the wagons’ comfort is not always good.

   The authentic Hua Hin’s train station

The construction of a 190km train line to link Bangkok to East Rayong is also planned. The total cost of the project will be around 247 billion bahts and it will be done under a public-private partnership (PPP).
It aims to make Hua Hin and Pattaya more accessible, “primary destinations” to the eyes of the First Minister Prayuth Chanocha.

Soi 112 – a new artery

As for many Asian cities, traffic is a problem in Hua Hin. In order to face the lattest, the authorities launched a project that aims to link South Hua Hin to By-pass (highway). The construction of the large 4 traffic roads allowed a significant decrease of traffic in the city and an easier access to it from Bangkok.

This artery has also encouraged the area’s development with the opening of many resorts, shopping malls and condominiums along it. It attracted a lot of investors as well.

  BluPort, one of the most dynamic mall in Hua Hin 

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