Any plans for this coming Valentine’s day? About Thailand Living gives you the best advices!


The Romantic Adventurer

Discover the forest complex Dong Phayayen – Khao Yai , this treasure of nature measures 230 km, making it the third largest park in Thailand. Full of waterfalls and rivers, this park is a real nature reserve. More than hiking, this is an opportunity to experience a safari. Its rich fauna includes more than 800 species.


Aquatic Romance

Dive into the marine world to discover other landscapes. Imagine the turquoise water, where harmony of the most colorful fish species of the planet is found. You will get to see sea turtles, whale sharks or manta rays. This underwater fauna will not leave you indifferent!


Romantic Urban

You can enjoy a 360 ° view, everything looks small and you can feel as if you belong Bangkok … A romantic in such capital city is not to be neglected. If you privileged height, make sure your wallet is full. As Bangkok has more forty rooftop bars, you will certainly have much fun!



You see, Thailand is the right place for…almost every occasion.

Have a lovely Valentine’s day 😉