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<p>Last news from Thailand</p>

MO CHIT – Northern Bangkok arouses Investors


The Center of Bangkok is known for its dynamism and frantic rhythm, but also for its multiple investment opportunities. What about the North of the city?     A vast ground located just next to the BTS station Mo Chit was proposed to accommodate Bangkok's latest vertiginous project: a mixed...

Terminal 21: The new shopping temple in Pattaya


Terminal 21, the well-known and appreciated by all shopping center, will soon open its doors in Pattaya! Find out all you need to know about the future temple of shopping in the most dynamic seaside resort in South East Asia! Here we go (again). With an appreciated by all and...

Kra Canal – To Connect the Pacific and Indian Oceans by Thailand

Today we give our attention to the Kra Canal project, discussed for years already but without any definitive decision. A little summary of this high ranged project.     The Kra Canal - or Thai Canal - is a project which implies building a canal going through the Kra Isthmus...