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Vauban Real Estate joining Thailand Elite


Vauban Real Estate joining Thailand Elite Press Release November 2015 Bangkok, Thailand   Vauban Real Estate group has been appointed as Thailand Elite official agent. Vauban Group is an independent company recognized as a leading independent real estate broker in Thailand since 2006 with 6 branches in Thailand’s main attractive...

Golf Tournament


It was a great weekend. The golf tournament organized by l’Union des Français à l’Etranger (U.F.E) took place in Pattaya last Saturday. The event is expected each year by the French community and it was held in Emerald Golf Club of Ban Chang. The awards started at 6PM and were followed by...

The best golfs in Hua Hin


Hua Hin is a city located at 3 hours from Bangkok. Over the years it became a top destination for the Thai upper class wishing to leave the bustle of the capital. The city and its surroundings possess about 10 classy golf courses that meet the demand of Thai and...

Useful information about golf in Thailand


Beyond the high quality of its golf courses, Thailand is also renowned to be the golfer’s paradise for its attractive prices. With its tropical climate and landscapes, Thailand is legitimately the number 1 Asian destination when it comes to golf. The best times to play Since Thailand is a tropical country,...

Thailand golf: Korean investor targets Bangkok and Pattaya

An ex-CEO of Samsung is checking out the fairways in Bangkok and Pattaya with $30-50 million to lay out on 18-hole golf courses

Retiring in Thailand: targeting grey boomers


The rise in retirement-age Europeans, North Americans and Japanese could transform Thailand’s property sector

Sharapova celebrates New Year in Hua Hin


Tonight Maria Sharapova and Venus Williams will be among the revellers ushering in New Year at Thailand's version of The Hamptons

Top-whack caddies put Thai golf on course for an upswing


Thai golf courses are pulling in more foreign players – but marketing and recession-busting bargains must share credit with a unique approach to caddying

Pattaya pulls a different type of swinger


Despite its racy image, Pattaya is now a Mecca for golf courses as much as ping-pong shows - with 20 courses within 45 minutes of the city centre

Netpats invade Bangkok


Enterprising Bangkok expats are using the internet in innovative ways to earn a living - as currency traders, online poker players and eBay merchants.